Safety a priority for ICC CWC 2007 security team

Kaieteur News
January 16, 2007

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Tournament officials are working to ensure that everyone attending ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches is safe and secure and can enjoy the experience in the most comfortable surroundings.

ICC CWC 2007 Security Director, John Collymore says that a list of Prohibited & Restricted Items (P&R) has been established for the Event and he is urging the public to take note of the articles in each section. He notes that CWC wants this to be the most unforgettable Cricket World Cup ever and to do so he explained that persons must safeguard against anything which could compromise the safety and security of persons within the stadiums on Match Day.

Each match is expected to see thousands of fans and it is of extremely importance, that the security team takes the necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety, especially in such a crowded and festive environments.

This Collymore explained, will not in any way detract from the traditional party atmosphere at Caribbean cricket matches. In fact, these measures he says will certainly enhance the custom because spectators will appreciate the fact that they are in a secure venue and can feel free to enjoy the event without any fear.

Additionally, Collymore stated that a number of the items on the prohibited line-up are customarily banned for air travel and at world-games events, such as the Olympics, and therefore the public would be familiar with many of them. They include any form of weapons and firearms, explosives and alcohol. While acknowledging that flag poles are included on the list, Collymore pointed out that fans can still bring flags to support their respective teams.

Coolers, while also permitted, are restricted in size and must be collapsible. Musical instruments and items of cultural expression such as conch shells and shak-shaks can also be taken to ICC CWC 2007 matches as long as persons comply with the relevant stipulations which will be under the management of the Local Organising Committees (LOC).

There are 16 Participating Nations and fans coming from more than a hundred countries and security measures are at an extreme high so as to ensure public safety.