Police hunt women linked to criminal gangs

Kaieteur News
January 8, 2007

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Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene said yesterday that the force is placing more emphasis on capturing women who are now a more integral part of criminal operations.

Greene was commenting on the current frequency with which women are involved in open criminal activities such as robbery under arms.

His comment came in the wake of yet another robbery outside a Sheriff Street night club after two women lured their two victims into the hands of their male accomplices.

According to reports, at around 03:30 hours, the victims were at a Sheriff Street night club when they were engaged by the women in a seductive manner.

It is alleged that the men went outside to get a taxi and were confronted by two men who were armed with handguns.

They were relieved of several personal belongings and cash by the men who then boarded a taxi and subsequently picked up the two women before speeding away.

There have been reports which indicated that women had aided their male counterparts in the commission of crimes.

“The men are now using diversionary tactics, they are using women; so we have to look in that direction,” the acting Police Commissioner said.

At least on two occasions last year, women posing as customers assisted in the robbery of jewellery establishments in the city.

And just last Saturday, it is believed that a woman posing as a customer participated in the robbery of a doctor's clinic.

“While the women are not the ones holding the guns and committing the actual act, they certainly are playing a part. And if we get to these women, we will more likely than not find their accomplices,” another officer said.