Bovell manhunt fiasco…
Police annoyed at suicide claims by father's attorney

Kaieteur News
January 4, 2007

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Police yesterday dismissed as “pathetic and fictitious”, the claim made by Attorney-at-Law Glenn Hanoman that wanted fugitive Neil Bovell had already committed suicide when police shot him last week.

Hanoman, the attorney of Bovell's father, Cyril Bovell had described the police operation as “a publicity stunt”, as the fugitive was already dead when police got to the Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara home of his father.

In a strongly worded statement yesterday, well-placed sources within the Guyana Police Force said they were appalled at Hanoman's assertions and his nonchalant attempt to discredit the ranks who pursued the outlaw to the end.

“Credit should be given where credit is due and ranks deserve every plaudit since it was through their diligent effort and good common sense in responding to information… using unmarked vehicles, that Bovell was captured,” the source said.

A senior officer questioned the reason why attempts were not being made to contact the police if Bovell had committed suicide or preparations for his funeral were not being arranged if indeed he had died long before police arrived.

He also cited video footage from various newscasts aired interviews with residents in the area who saw the actual chase of the fugitive.

Sources were quoted as saying that at the time of Bovell's capture his father claimed he had not seen him in over a week.

“Such claims should be investigated and attorney's should not bring the force into disrepute just to secure bail for their clients by going to such extremes in fabricating stories,” the source said.

The source further stated that Hanoman made a pitiful attempt to vindicate his client by saying he kept pit-bulls and erected barbed wire fencing to keep his son at bay.

Explaining, the source said that the dog was chained at the front of the yard and there is a side gate to the back of the fence through which Bovell could have gained access.

“The dog is kept at the front of the house and this is seen as a ploy warning anyone trying to gain entry from the front. It is widely known that Bovell would normally seek refuge and would always approach the yard of residents from behind since he hid in thick vegetation aback of the village.”

Commenting on the rape charge against Bovell's father, the source drew from the famous Rabbi Washington case where the Rabbi was convicted for murders even though he was not the actual perpetrator but an accessory after the fact.

The officer expressed hope that the administration would not use Hanoman's version of the events as an excuse for not rewarding Bovell's captors.

Meanwhile, no mention has been made of the $3M bounty which was placed on Bovell's head, though the Home Affairs Ministry had indicated that there was such a reward.

Bovell's father was charged with rape on Tuesday, a crime allegedly committed by his son.

The 66-year-old man was taken before Magistrate Fazil Azeez at the Leonora Magistrate's Court but was remanded to police custody.

The charge alleged that the senior Bovell, while having knowledge that his son did commit rape on September 29, 2005, received, relieved, comforted and assisted him on December 27, 2006.

Hanoman had told the court that Bovell committed suicide in a neighbour's yard and police were just ensuring he was dead by pumping bullets into his body as a publicity stunt.

Villagers had alleged that Bovell was at his father's house preparing a meal when he spotted police and sprinted into the neighbour's yard.

He was wanted in connection with at least two murders, five rapes, several abductions and arson, but managed to elude police for over three years. (Danielle Campbell)