Overseas-based Guyanese give less fortunate a promising start

Kaieteur News
January 1, 2007

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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – The less fortunate bade farewell to 2006 in fine style. Some 700 hundred persons walked away from the Guyana Teachers' Union Hall well stocked.

This gesture was made possible through the Berbice Children Resource Network Corporation. The organization is relatively new and was set up to assist mainly young Berbicians in need.

The project was the brainchild of Washington-based Guyanese, Joan Bryan. “We can see that the people are in need and we are trying to make a difference in their lives. We chose Berbice because I am a Berbician and this is where I first started was way back in 1989 with the Mission Chapel Congregational Church.”

Both children and adults from New Amsterdam and its environs were handed articles of clothing, footwear, school supplies, toys and other paraphernalia much to their delight.

One observer remarked, “It's always such a pleasure when you can assist those in need and especially at this time it is a joy to see them smile and cast their troubles behind.”

Last year the annual event saw close to 1,000 persons being assisted including children at the Alpha Home at Gay Park, Mission Chapel Day Care, Sunday School and Play School in New Amsterdam and the Canaan Children's Home at Port Mourant, Corentyne.

The Berbice Children Resource Network Corporation was officially registered on September 27, 2005 in the State of Maryland.

The first official meeting was held on December 3 in the same state. At that meeting, Joan Bryan, who hails from New Amsterdam, was elected President.

The Vice-President is Cyril Crandon, formerly of Fyrish Village. Patricia Daniel -Cummings, who previously lived in Kwakwani, is the Secretary. The Treasurer is Neville Vogelzon who once lived in New Amsterdam.

Claudette Haynes, who previously resided at Fyrish is the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

These persons migrated to the United States at different points and share the common goal of assisting those left behind.

The body identified a number of objectives which include charitable work for the less fortunate children across East Berbice.

An arm of the Berbice Children Resource Network Corporation was established in New Amsterdam on January 3, 2006. Executive members include Winifred Haywood who is the Chairperson and Simone Leacock the Vice-Chairperson.

The Canadian Chapter was formed on December 3 last, in Brampton, Ontario. This group consists of seven members and intends to focus on educational needs of the less fortunate while the Washington Chapter is to provide supportive measures.