Legendís Village: A Truly Guyanese experience
Guyana Chronicle
March 25, 2007

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CRICKET greats, cousins Lance Gibbs and Clive Lloyd come home for Cricket World Cup 2007.

They might rank at different odds of the glorious game (Gibbs being one of the most successful bowlers, spin his claim to fame, and Lloyd a powerful batsman and occasional medium pace bowler) but they hold two matching distinguishing marks: they are both legends and they are both Guyanese.

To celebrate and honour them, the Demerera Cricket Club (GCC) is putting on a legendís village at its Queenstown, Georgetown location and one of the most looked forward to events, though not yet confirmed, is the renaming of Almond street in the name of Lance Gibbs.

According to Michael Burnette, no one has particular celebrated the outsnading achievements of Guyanese cricketers and so the GCC wants to make its events memorable, since other Guyanese cricket greats such as Rohan Kanhai and Carl Hooper are expected.

He said the players of the current West Indies team as well as all the others teams who will be in Guyana are being invited to the event.

It will strtch from March 27- April 9, and each nightís entertainment will be diverse, with a good splash of Guyanese culture. You might very well see the water coconut vendor, a bar-b-que and lime, Indian and African drumming, live bands, and art and craft.

For convenience, the cricket village could also have an internet cafť and a cambio.

This is certainly be a village you want to go to. The entrance fee is $1000, and only adults are allowed, because alcohol would be served.