Guyanese high achiever to serve as global scholar

Guyana Chronicle
March 18, 2007

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ALTHOUGH a student in the medical faculty of New York’s Hunter College for less than a year, Hana Kamelia Mohamed, 17, has been selected to join the prestigious Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC).

She is the daughter Nazir and Bonita Mohamed, popular business people in Georgetown.

The GYLC is an outstanding opportunity option and program that enables high achiever young people who are scholars, to “learn the diplomatic, social and economic lessons of the past, debate the policies of the present and prepare for a position of national and global leadership in the future.”

This achievement, based on the learned recommendation of the education board of Hunter College, New York where Mohamed is in her sophomore year, was announced by Donna G. Snyder, Ed. D, the education managing director of the GYLC, and conveyed to Guyana early last month.

Another Guyanese who has been similarly honoured as a leading achiever in the scholastic field, is Darren Jordon, an upper sixth former who is tutored at the School of Nations, Kingston, Georgetown. He is the son of Winston and Charmaine Atkinson Jordon, both of whom are prominent public servants and programmers.

Mohamed attended Mae’s, the Islamic Students Academy and Queen’s College. She was a diligent and resourceful student and obtained a total of 10 subjects at the CXC level as well as reaching proficiency in Arabic.

The nomination to the GYLC which carries a limitation of terms of the number of young people who can actually take up the opportunity, it is a historic initiative that dates to the mid 1950s.

According to the institution’s managing director Ms. Snyder, the purpose is “to honour… the world’s most promising scholars and provide the opportunity to explore cultural differences firsthand, challenge diplomatic skills and build confidence as global scholars…”

One component of the program 2007 is the European, 13 day study tour to Vienna, Budapest and Prague. The other part is the study of U.S. government and state machinery in Washington D.C as well as New York and participation in the Global Summit simulation at the United Nations.