Preparing for CWC
GNBS announces code of practice for food vendors
Guyana Chronicle
March 17, 2007

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THE National Standards Council (NSC) has adapted and approved, as a national standard, a code of practice for street vended foods, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) announced yesterday.

It said the standard was prepared to assist regulatory agencies in monitoring quality and guide vendors as they seek to produce safe and wholesome food items for consumption.

GNBS said, as part of the preparation for Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, a number of food vendors and establishments participated in organised training exercises to ensure safe and quality products and service to visitors.

GNBS, in a statement, commended the use of the standard as a vital resource document to stakeholders in the sector.

The statement said the standard clearly stipulates requirements and practices to be observed in the preparation, presentation and service of all street vended foods and beverages, so as to guard against any contamination which can result in illnesses.

GNBS said detailed requirements for the health and attire of the vendors, the acquisition, transportation, reception and storage of raw materials, the place and area of preparation and marketing of foods are stipulated in the standard.

The statement said the requirements were carefully selected from the Grenadian Standard, developed and finalised by key representatives from agencies such as the Food and Drugs Department, the Food Policy Division of the Ministry of Health, the Environment Health Unit of the University of Guyana and Carnegie School of Home Economics.

GNBS said all vendors, particularly those who prepare foods for the public, should secure, from it, a copy of the code of practice and make sure what they offer for sale is prepared according to requirements of the standard, to minimise or eliminate contamination and prevent consumer sicknesses.