Commit yourselves to keeping Guyana clean
- President tells gathering at Phagwah Mela and Bazaar
Guyana Chronicle
February 26, 2007

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As Hindus in Guyana begin the colourful celebrations of Phagwah, Head of State President Bharrat Jagdeo joined them at the Dharmic Sabha Kendra, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Saturday evening for the annual Phagwah Mela and Bazaar.

Those at the event were urged by the President to remember the origin of Phagwah and use those lessons to improve their lives and country.

President Jagdeo said, I know Phagwah comes with a special significance; people clean their homes and they prepare for a new season, one of renewal and I know here in Guyana we do that. That is why I find it so difficult that I have to call people to say can you please clean up your yards and businesses.

He said if meaningful changes are to be made in the country, people must commit to making personal changes in small areas such as keeping their environs clean which will ultimately prove useful for national development.

I want all of us to go back, if you have not made that commitment, and start in your own homes and yards and you dont have to be rich to make these changes; it just calls for a little effort and commitment.

He said in Guyana such a process has been initiated but it will take some time to achieve the desired outcome.

We have seen changes in many areas and this is just the beginning. The journey is a long one and it will take many people and hard work to get us to where we want to be and I want all of us to commit to that hard work it will take to transform our country, the Head of State said.

Phagwah marks the beginning of the New Year for Hindus. At this time people spread colourful powder on each other as well as spray perfume.

The programme featured a rich cultural programme, including songs and dances depicting the Indian culture. Several Indian garments and delicacies were on sale as a cross-section of society turned out to support the event, including Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud.