Guyanese in New York brings red carpet entertainment for Cricket world Cup By Tangerine Clarke
Guyana Chronicle
February 18, 2007

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BUSINESSMAN Ed Ahmad, and event planner Carol Bagot, will roll out a red carpet of events to entertainment the multitude of fans who will descend on Guyana to cheer on their favorite cricket team for the quarter finals of Cricket World Cup 2007.

The duo said, “We want to thank the Guyanese people for being so receptive to the concept of us bringing entertainment to our county during the cricket season.”

“The citizens have been very cooperative, contended Ahmad, stating that, without their help, none of this could have been possible.”

Ahmad, proprietor of the Chateau Royal Banquet Hall in Richmond Hill, and Carol Bagot, President of Cacique Promotions in Brooklyn, Carol Bagot, said that they were given the go-ahead by the Guyana government, to host the events at one of the country's respected heritage sights in the capital.

The Umana Yana will be festooned with live music, fashion shows presented by international designer, Roger Gary, a showcase of Guyanese performers, international cuisine, and a Caribbean fusion of rhythms, just to name a few.

All events will kick off at 19:30 from March 30, and run until April 9, except for a variety show, and awards ceremony that will be held at the National Cultural Center located on Homestretch Avenue in Georgetown.

Ahmad, the only Guyanese to receive a Bollywood award, and the president of the Ahmad Group of Companies - a fast-growing conglomerate of 5 companies of real estate, mortgage, and entertainment entities, said that the two companies seized the opportunity to showcase Guyana, at this epoch-making championship, as they aim to facilitate many fans who will visit Guyana for the first time.

He noted that there was a need to bring entertainment to this momentous occasion, and with Bagot's creativity, and experience in event planning, they decided to work together to ensure that visitors enjoy a fun-filled, and successful gathering.

“We understand that the fans will be looking to attend functions of an international standard to which they are accustomed. To this end, Ahmad said, they have planned top-notch enjoyment such a Jazz night - Caribbean style that would be appealing to the tourists.

In addition, fans will soak up the Caribbean atmosphere, as they sample mouthwatering fare from a diverse cuisine.

“There is no better place to be for the world cup than in Guyana, where the weather is great, the people are friendly and the culture is unique.”

Pointing out the impressive line-up, Bagot, who works in government, and who has organized events for the Black, and Puerto Rican Caucus in Albany, and many in the Guyanese community, agrees that from the moment guests arrive at the Cheddi Jagan Timehri International Airport, they will feel the excitement that is planned for them.

The organizers encourage fans to come out and have a good time, because according to them, both foreigners, and overseas Guyanese, may never again experience such entertainment of this latitude to be held in the Rpublic.

Sponsorship will come from Carib Beer, El Dorado, and Coniac Hennessey, just to name a few.