‘A’ Team win annual Frederick Halley birth anniversary dominoes trophy
Guyana Chronicle
February 14, 2007

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IT took the experience of Colin ‘Never Drunk’ McEwan, captain of ‘A’ Team to pull off a sensational victory last Thursday night at the GNNL Sports Club featuring ‘A’ Team, ‘B’ Team and ‘C’ team.

The occasion was to mark the birth anniversary of former GNNL dominoes team captain Frederick Halley who celebrated his 53rd birthday on February 6.

The ‘A’ Team comprised of Intikab Alli, R. Sukhai, Ron Callender, Edmond Sammy, Olato Sam and Colin McEwan.

The ‘B’ team came from Roderick Harry (captain), Charles Dobson, Andrew Bollers, Orin Boston, Kadar Nauth and Bharat Persaud while Manniram Shew captained Hilbert Ali, Imtiaz Ali, Nadeem Rahaman, Robert Persaud and Mark Dookan for the ‘C’ Team.

According to Chief Steward Orin Boston, the alphabet remained intact throughout the match for the winning team while the ‘B’ team had a scare in the fourth and fifth sitting and the ‘C’ team gained a slim lead when the scores read 42, 51, 49 in the fourth and then 71, 63, 60 games respectively.

It was a ding-dong battle for top honours when Baharat ‘Short Man’ Persaud had R. ‘Spoon’ Sukhai’s scalp on a platter.

The tables further turned with the brilliant finishing of Kadar ‘Tek a Drink’ Nauth’s 6 games compared to Edmond Sammy’s four games.

The scores were then tied as Charles ‘Tek On’ Dobson who had the bacon on his plate with five games compared to Colin McEwan’s two games had himself bombed by Hilbert ‘Bumpy’ Ali who was under the impression that his team was still in contention, allowing McEwan to acquire two more games to seal victory for the ‘A’ Team.

Final scores read ‘A’ Team 80 games, ‘B’ Team 78 games and ‘C’ Team with 74 games.

Trophies and replicas were handed out at the end of the match with Ron Callender being the top marker on the winning team amassing 17 games, while Charles Dobson also with 17 games accepted his replica for being the most outstanding player on the ‘B’ Team.

Other top markers were Intikab Alli of the ‘A’ Team with 16 games, Andrew Bollers of the ‘B’ Team also with 16 games, Hilbert Alli and Mark Dookan of the ‘C’ Team with 16 and 15 games respectively. There were two lovebirds - Robert Persaud and the ever famous R. ‘Spoon’ Sukhai.

The first place and runner-up trophies were proudly sponsored by Bacchus Drug Store of Saffon Street, Charlestown who indicated their continued willingness in sponsoring exciting sporting events of this nature.