No ban on `winer girls’ for CWC
Guyana Chronicle
February 13, 2007

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THE cricketing world is expected to descend on the Caribbean fully expecting to savour the unique cricket atmosphere for which the region has become renowned, according to International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive, Mr. Malcolm Speed.

In fact, he has disclosed that the celebratory phenomenon, familiarly called “calypso cricket”, is one of the factors which led to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) being given the nod to host ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

“That’s part of the reason why this (Cricket) World Cup was awarded to the West Indies – that spirit of enjoyment; the festivities that we see around cricket matches in this part of the world – that was part of the attraction,” acknowledged Speed at a news conference in Trinidad last Friday.

“Many of the people who are coming from overseas are coming to see some great cricket but they also want to take part in those festivities and be part of the Trini Posse and its equivalent in each of the other countries (host venues).”

Responding to media queries about whether traditional aspects of Caribbean culture – such as party stands, deejays, ‘winer girls’ and musical entourages – will be allowed at CWC matches, Speed replied emphatically: “We welcome it and it will be part of the festival that will be the Cricket World Cup.”

Commenting on the issue, ICC CWC 2007 Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Chris Dehring, assured that nothing “by way of regulations or rules…will preclude Caribbean culture (from) shining through”.

“There’s nothing that’s been implemented that intrinsically can stop the spirit, verve and excitement of West Indians coming through. It is all part of West Indies cricket. That’s what the rest of the world is waiting to see. It’s just life in the Caribbean,” he stated.

“Recognised groups have been cleared and have gone through security checks. They will be allowed to bring in musical instruments.”

However, Dehring reminded that ICC CWC 2007 is an international tournament and care must be taken “not to intrude on the broadcast and or upon persons who are not interested in that music”.

“We have to remember at all times that it’s an international event and it’s not just West Indians who are going to be in the stadiums.” (ICC CWC 2007)