CWC officials continue to monitor internet ticket scams By Kevin Pile
Guyana Chronicle
February 10, 2007

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Cricket World Cup officials are continuing their efforts to crack down on internet ticket scams, as the build-up to next month’s tournament continues.

Stephen Price, CWC’s commercial manager, told CMC Sports recently his department had continued to work closely with key personnel to ensure bogus websites offering CWC tickets were shut down.

“The net … is such a wide place and it is hard to police it all. We are working assiduously with our legal team, our internet monitoring company Net Results out of the UK and we are working along with the GCC (Global Cricket Corporation) and the ICC with the whole Anti-Infringement Programme to try to combat these things,” Price said.

“We’ve gotten a lot of help from supporter groups who have pointed out these sites to us and we have sent through our solicitors’ letters and many of them have complied.

“For those of them whom we haven’t seen yet, we are warning persons they should purchase their tickets from bona fide ticket sales agents.”

Last year, several bogus internet sites offering CWC tickets were discovered, prompting authorities to issue strict warnings against buying tickets from unauthorised agents.

Price reiterated that if fans persisted in buying tickets from unauthorised agents, they would not be refunded.

“If you buy a ticket from any of those other persons you are not guaranteed to get a bona fide ticket and I am warning persons to stay away from those (bogus agents),” Price said.