ICC CWC 2007: Come for the party, stay for the cricket
Guyana Chronicle
February 8, 2007

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CRICKET fans can rest assured that the party stands they’ve come to know and love, will still be part of the experience during ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

That’s the message from the tournament’s Commercial Director, Stephen Price.

“We recognise that the concept of a Party Stand is one that is unique to Caribbean cricket. ICC Cricket World Cup wouldn’t be complete without it.”

Following the upgrading of some of the region’s most historic venues and the creation of brand new stadia in a number of countries hosting matches, there was some speculation that previously legendary party stands would be no more.

In seeking to correct the misconception Price stated: “Right from the outset, when the venues were being designed, all the way through their development and in the creation of the Ticketing structure, there has always been a provision for this type of area.”

Traditionally, the package on offer at a party stand varied from venue to venue. For ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, the food and beverage element has been standardised.

“The ticket is basically a Category 3 seat, with a Hospitality component. So it’s unreserved seating, uncovered and a moderate or possibly restricted view of the field of play,” explained Price.

As a result, at every tournament match, a ticket to the Party Stand will guarantee the holder, access to the venue, musical entertainment before, during and up to one hour after the match, a meal combo (including a drink) and up to eight beverages of choice.

During Warm-up matches, a Party Stand ticket will entitle the holder to entry to the match and a meal combo (including a drink). Musical entertainment will be provided all day.

While the Party Stand is looked upon by some as the place for those who are more interested in the “lime” than the game, it is home to dedicated supporters, many of whom claim it is the only place to watch cricket. (ICC CWC 2007)