Rohee knocks Stabroek News portrayal of Police Force
Guyana Chronicle
January 30, 2007

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HOME Affairs Minister Clement Rohee yesterday severely criticised the Stabroek News for painting a very pessimistic picture of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the crime situation in Guyana.

He declared that based on several editorials in the newspaper on crime and security issues, it would seem as if there are experts on crime in the media, pointing out that one editorial even attributed the lull in serious criminal activities to criminals taking a “break” and claiming that this had nothing to do with the work of the police.

At the formal opening of the new police station at Grove, East Bank Demerara, he also said that the newspaper claimed that the GPF is a “rudderless ship of security” and is unable to successfully carry out investigations and prosecute offenders of the law.

According to Rohee, the newspaper claimed that the security situation is in a precarious state and police stations are in a poor state and there is a need for new thinking with respect to security.

However, he retorted that it does not require that newspaper to call for new thinking and what is to be done, as already the government and security forces have adopted new thinking on the issue.

He noted that in 2006 serious crimes took a dip in the Grove/Diamond communities, with most of the crimes being simple larceny, break and enter and similar offences.

He said there is no perfect institution, including the GPF, but efforts are ongoing to bring some degree of perfection.

The minister also observed that the development of free market economies has attendant problems which developing countries such as Guyana are hard pressed to cope with because of the inadequacy of resources.