The fever spreads
Guyana Chronicle
January 25, 2007

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CRICKET World Cup fever is spreading fast here, notwithstanding the latest agonising defeat of the West Indies by India yesterday.

Officials are assuring that all will be ready in time for the major sporting event and Guyanese are bracing for the enormous task of ensuring they are up to the mark and can pass the test when it is all over.

The nation collectively passed a crucial test in the general and regional elections of August 28 last year, shaming the professional detractors and die-hard prophets of doom.

And there’s no doubt that, in spite of the misgivings and the gloom persisting in some quarters, the nation will collectively rise to the occasion again.

Look at the spirit sweeping the historic Stabroek Market yesterday.

Stabroek Market has long been and still is a marvel to visitors and in preparation for the throngs expected for Cricket World Cup, stallholders buckled down yesterday to giving the inside of the market a facelift.

We thought is so deserving of mention that we picked a photo of the action for our page one today.

Way to go, people!

The Stabroek Market exercise, we believe, while it makes good business sense to spruce up stalls to attract more shoppers during the big event rolling around the corner, also symbolises a sense of national pride – Guyanese putting on the best show for people coming to visit them.

And as the start of the matches draws closer, it would be hard to escape the fever, as much as it has been for Guyanese cricket fans to ignore the roar and excitement spilling out from a grand game at the famous Bourda sward in Georgetown.

How ready are you guys for Cricket World Cup is a constant question these days from people overseas already infected with the fever and dying to get here for a cure.

A sneak peek in the Stabroek Market yesterday would have been a good glimpse of what people are doing to ensure all’s well.

The stadium and ground are, well, just about there, the key hotels are getting there, and, according to the officials in charge, all else required should be in place by the deadlines.

Mash fever is growing and will soon make way for the all encompassing Cricket World Cup fever. There’s no escaping it – take another look at our page one photo.