Facelift for Stabroek Market
Guyana Chronicle
January 21, 2007

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THE popular and historic Stabroek Market is getting a facelift as part of the government’s enhancement programme for the city ahead of the high-profile Rio Group Summit here in March and Cricket World Cup 2007.

Three Cabinet Ministers were in a high-level team that visited the market yesterday to assess conditions.

According to the Government Information Agency (GINA), Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr. Kellawan Lall said the need for improved facilities for wholesalers will be dealt with immediately and a delegation of the dealers will meet the Market Clerk shortly to address the matter.

The agency said this is part of a development plan for the Stabroek Market, noting that work has begun to ease the congestion with the removal of structures that obstruct traffic and the movement of shoppers and sellers.

It said a minimal amount of business activities for entertainment and food vending is being allowed mostly during the night and there are plans to address improved and orderly parking facilities.

Lall said many of the areas being looked at under the enhancement programme have existed for years and there are several constraints in carrying out the upgrading of Georgetown.

GINA said the minister assured that these improvements will be done in accordance with the laws of the city and the country.

He noted that there has been considerable cooperation from citizens and urged others to get involved in the enhancement scheme, the agency reported.

These efforts, it said, are intended to make residents comfortable and create a hospitable environment for visitors, particularly those expected during the upcoming major events.

Others in the team visiting the Stabroek Market yesterday were Agriculture Minister, Mr. Robert Persaud, Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Mr. Robeson Benn and Georgetown Mayor, Mr. Hamilton Green.

The Bourda Market is also being upgraded under the enhancement programme with a contract in effect with Cevons Waste Management Incorporated for a 24-hour solid waste collection and disposal service there.

Effective garbage collection and disposal, upgrading road shoulders and drains, rehabilitation of the National Zoological Park and general beautification are some of the areas of focus for the enhancement programme.

Additionally, the city’s five avenues at Main, Thomas, Carmichael, East and Waterloo streets are being upgraded while several national monuments have been identified for upgrading under the enhancement programme.