CWC security trial runs to start shortly
Guyana Chronicle
January 19, 2007

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MINISTER of Home Afrairs, Mr. Clement Rohee said yesterday that security preparedness for Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 in Guyana is on track.

He told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that a review committee for the purpose has already been established and it is an integrated body, comprising representatives of all the government agencies and departments that have a stake in CWC security,

“We are following the theme that has been established by Ministers of National Security of CARICOM. We will ensure that the matches are in safe hands, which means that each host country has to put proper security measures in place, based on the national security plan,” Rohee said.

He stated that Guyana will be implementing several aspects of the plan on the basis of simulation exercises to be conducted within the next three weeks.

“Over the next couple of days, traffic simulation exercises are expected to take place and, in this regard, I expect the Police Traffic Department to make an announcement soon,” Rohee said. (The Police Force will be doing an exercise today on the East Bank Demerara road.)

“In addition to that,” he added, “the Fire Department, as well as the other departments, such as those dealing with environmental threats, like the Civil Defence Commission, will have to ensure that they are able to respond to threats (fires and natural disasters).”

Rohee said the Immigration Department will have special responsibilities for the issuance of visas and the smooth flow of passengers departing and arriving through the ports of entry at Lethem, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Moleson Creek.

The government is working on the formulation of all the standard operating procedures to make sure all the areas of the national security plan for CWC are covered, he said.

According to him, though Guyana’s security arrangements are in place, the results of dry runs (trials) will result in a total conclusion.

“Yes, we are fully up and ready to ensure that CWC is in safe hands of the security forces in Guyana. But what we need to do now is to test these aspects of the plan to make sure that, in the eventuality, there is no confusion and panic,” he acknowledged.

GINA noted that last December 15, Regional Operations Commander of CARICOM Planning and Coordinating Staff (COPACS), Colonel Anthony Anderson, after a two-day stay here, said Guyana’s security preparedness is well advanced.

“Guyana’s arrangements are well on stream. In order to achieve proper security for CWC, the host countries must understand the magnitude of the event and Guyana does,” GINA quoted Anderson as saying.

The agency said the main aim of that visit was to engage security planners and command staff to assure that Guyana’s security needs are adequately addressed.

Guyana will be judged on the implementation of its security capabilities at the trial matches in February, GINA said.