More street lights for city
Guyana Chronicle
January 19, 2007

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THE ongoing programme between the government and the City Council to enhance the aesthetics and environmental condition of Georgetown is moving apace, and as part of the exercise Cabinet has agreed to provide street lighting to previously unlit areas which people frequent, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon reported yesterday.

At his weekly news conference, he said the areas include the perimeter of the Botanical Gardens and the 1763 Monument Square.

He said the current focus by the government is on the city’s roads, particularly the verges which have been unattended for many years, as well as the avenues which are being refurbished through elevation and resurfacing.

The immediate surroundings of government ministries and state entities are also targeted for beautification under the ongoing enhancement of the environment exercise, Luncheon said.

He added that the City Council is also playing its part and in this respect has pledged funds to finance the continued cleaning of drains, desilting trenches and resurfacing municipal roads.

Luncheon stressed that the current enhancement exercise is not just in preparation for the Rio Summit and Cricket World Cup, which Guyana will be hosting, but is aimed at inculcating and establishing a culture of care for the environment and aesthetics through the involvement of all stakeholders.

As such even after the hosting of the two major events the programme will be sustained to preserve and continue the enhancement of the environment, he said.