Vital information for all visitors to the Caribbean during CWC 2007
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2007

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PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago (PRNewswire) -- The 10 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states have agreed to operate as a Single Domestic Space (SDS) as part of regional security for the world's third-largest sporting event, Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.

The SDS will facilitate travel among 10 countries: Antigua and

Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Dominica.

This historic agreement is intended to make travel to and between countries of the Single Domestic Space much easier, particularly for the period of February 1 2007 to May 15 2007.

As part of the arrangement for the hassle-free movement of people during the CWC 2007 and the safety of both residents and visitors to the 10 countries functioning in the SDS, an agreement was reached for the requirement to issue visas during the period.

The common visa arrangements are part of wider measures designed to facilitate the movement of persons around the region to provide for limited border inspections after full inspection at the first point of entry into the single space.

Nationals of all countries, except for those on the exemption list, are required to obtain the CARICOM Special Visa.

The exemption list for visitors to the Single Domestic Space includes nationals of CARICOM member states, as well as Associate Members, with the exception of Haiti.

In addition, visitors from the following countries will NOT need to get the CARICOM Special Visa:

i. Canada

ii. France and its overseas countries and territories

iii. Germany

iv. Ireland

v. Italy

vi. Japan

vii. The Netherlands and its overseas countries and territories

viii. United Kingdom and its dependent territories

ix. South Africa

x. Spain

xi. United States of America and its dependent territories

Cruise ship passengers who visit ports of the countries in the Single Domestic Space for 24 hours or less will not need the CARICOM Special Visa.

All other nationals who already enjoy a form of status before February 1, 2007 conferred by any of the relevant authorities of the 10 participating countries that form the Single Domestic Space and is valid for the length of the persons stay within the SDS.

There will be NO visa cost applied to children twelve years or under travelling to the region during the effective SDS.

Visas can be applied for either in person at overseas issuing sites or by sending the application and supporting documents by courier to the following issuing offices:

Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago High Commission
6/25 Shanti Niketan
New Delhi, 110021 India
011-911-1-2411 8427
011-911-1-2411 8463 (Fax)

Australia, New Zealand
The Trinidad and Tobago Consulate General
Level 57
MLC Center
19-29 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Tel: 011-612-9238-2031 / 2032

United Kingdom
Barbados High Commission
1 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3ND
Telephone: (020) 7631-4975
Fax: (020) 7323-6872

Europe, Africa, United Kingdom, Middle East
Consulate-General of Jamaica
842 Ingraham Building
25 Southeast 2nd Avenue Miami, Fl 33131
Tel: 305-374-8385
Fax: 305-374-9674, 305-577-4970

USA, South America, Caribbean
New York
Consulate-General of Jamaica
767 Third Avenue
2nd Floor
New York 10017
Tel: 212-935-9000
Fax: 212-935-7506
(JIS) 212-935-7507

Consulate-General of Jamaica
303 Eglinton Avenue, East Toronto, Ontario M4P 1L3 Canada
Telephone: 416-598-3008/3035/2369
Telefax. 416-598-4928

Details on how to obtain a visa are posted on the following web sites: and

CARICOM IMPACS is also operating a telephone hotline at 868-622-0245/628-7265.
Rose Blenman, CARICOM, +1-868-628-2733, or