GTM re-commissions fitness trail

Stabroek News
December 29, 2006

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Employees of GTM and the National Parks Commission walk along the trail in the National Park.

The Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Life Insurance Company Ltd (GTM) in collaboration with the National Parks Commission yesterday re-commissioned the GTM fitness trail in the National Park.

During a ceremony to mark the occasion, it was stated that the GTM fitness trail was made up of 20 exercise stations that are user and environmentally friendly.

The trail is designed with a variety of exercises and at the stations persons are coached by the signs which carry instructions. The system provides a good fitness workout for people of all ages.

GTM expects that apart from the regular joggers the trail will attract sporting bodies since it can contribute to the overall fitness training objectives. The initiative, according to GTM, is its way of contributing to a healthy nation. It was the late Bonny Fernandes who was instrumental in the setting up of the original trail. He actively pursued the venture with the GTM group and was directly involved in the construction of the stations.

The trail was rehabilitated and through a formal agreement between GTM and the National Parks Commission will be maintained year round. GTM feels that fitness is the best insurance.