Woman who broke hip in attempt to flee bandits flies out to NY on stretcher
Stabroek News
December 24, 2006

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An overseas based woman who two Sundays ago broke her hip after she jumped out of the window to escape bandits at a house in Canje, Berbice, left the country Friday on a stretcher.

Shirley Bisnauth was hospitalized after jumping out of a window in a futile attempt to escape three masked gunmen who had burst into her relatives' home at Canefield, East Canje and robbed the occupants of an undisclosed quantity of local and foreign currency, jewellery, a Canadian passport and some chocolate.

Speaking with Stabroek News on Friday Steve Sirkissoon, the woman's nephew, said that Bisnauth had been accompanied out of the country by her husband who had arrived here to take her back to New York. His aunt, he said, had fractured her pelvis and leg and had been unable to sit up straight since the incident. He told this newspaper that when she jumped out of the window she had landed on her feet but had then fallen backwards injuring herself. It was about 3 am on December 10 when the gunmen came and tied and gagged two of Bisnauth's relatives under the house before making their way upstairs where they found her and other relatives. Bisnauth panicked and jumped through the window, landing on the concrete and breaking her pelvis and leg. Her ordeal was not over as one of the armed men dragged her back upstairs while she was screaming in pain and made her hand over money and jewellery. She was first hospitalized at the New Amsterdam hospital but her relatives transferred her to the Balwant Singh hospital in Georgetown, where she remained until she left the country.