Exercise Tradewinds a wake up call for CWC 2007 host venues
Stabroek News
December 21, 2006

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Cricket Word Cup CWC Security Director, John Collymore stated last Thursday that 'Exercise Tradewinds' was a wake-up call for the West Indian host venues for the International Cricket Council's ICC CWC 2007 and should help in planning for the event.

Collymore made the disclosure when officials from the United States Embassy in Jamaica visited CWC Head Quarters to present a plaque to the Security Department for its involvement in Exercise Tradewinds 2006 held earlier this year in Jamaica.

Exercise Tradewinds included anti-riot drills, VIP protection, bomb-threat procedures, team - hotel security, search and rescue, vehicle checkpoint, search procedures and mass-casualty drills.

The security procedural initiative sponsored by the United States Southern Command for military, para-military and relevant personnel of key agencies in the Caribbean was aimed at training personnel to provide secure venues when cricket world cup hits the Caribbean next march.

The Exercise initially began as a training initiative between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), British, Canadian and US governments approximately 20 years ago and has been dedicated to ICC CWC 2007 for the past two years.

The focus has been the preparation of the nine host venues in particular for the security demands of ICC CWC 2007. This year, representatives of CWC's Security Directorate and the Pan-Caribbean representative of all countries hosting CWC matches participated in Exercise Tradewinds.

Collymore said that the host venues now have a better understanding of the importance of the security demands of ICC CWC 2007 based on the large number of cricket enthusiasts that will be interested in the event.

"If they had not done so before, the host venues certainly realized through Exercise Tradewinds what is needed and just how massive an undertaking this tournament will be," Collymore said. According to Collymore, the Exercise aided the participating countries in assessing their operational readiness and capabilities for the wide range of security challenges that may present themselves during CWC 2007.

"We want to ensure we have a high level of communication, and where necessary integration, among these groups during Cricket World Cup and Exercise Tradewinds has been a great avenue for facilitating this," he said.

Chief of the US Military Liaison Office at the US Embassy in Jamaica, Lt. Col. Matthew Faddis stated that many of the scenarios simulated as part of Tradewinds were excellent preparation for Cricket World Cup and we are pleased to have had the input of CWC and officials from the host venues.

Personnel from all host venues, except Guyana, participated in the training sessions and field exercises, involving more than a thousand persons and a combination of air, land and sea maneuvers.