Is the World Cup fever catching? What the people say
By Keisha McCammon
Stabroek News
December 4, 2006

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Cricket World Cup is less than a hundred days away, have you bought a ticket and do you have plans to profit from the event. We asked the man and woman in the street and this is what they had to say.

Darrel Baird, public sector employee: 'I have not yet bought a ticket but I plan on supporting the event. I will buy tickets for my family as soon as possible. I'm going to the event to have fun and I must enjoy myself to the maximum since I love cricket. I want those persons who think of causing problems to be dealt with appropriately. I'm just planning on going to have fun not to make a profit from the event when it comes here.'

Rickford Taylor, unemployed: `I have not bought a ticket for Cricket World Cup because I am not planning on going to it. I cannot afford to go because I am not working and I'm not planning on making a profit from the event. Most Guyanese cannot afford to go to the cricket. I do love the sport though.'

Tulsie Persaud, vendor: `I have not bought a ticket and it's the finance which is the reason I have not been able to acquire a ticket. I'm a vendor and I sell clothes and footwear, maybe I will sell at that time I have not decided as yet. I love cricket and I'm excited that it's coming to Guyana.'

Sean Thomas, Entertainer: 'I have not bought a ticket for the event because I am not ready to do so and I don't know when I will, my friends have bought tickets. Right now my focus is on Kashif and Shanghai and after that I will focus on the cricket. I may be performing at the cricket doing either fire dancing or drumming. I am not looking to gain a profit from the event since I just want to show visitors what Guyana has to offer. I can also do interpretation of sign language for persons whose hearing is impaired.'

Vishnu Jagroo, Taxi driver: 'I have not yet bought a ticket for Cricket World Cup. I don't know if I will be going as yet. If I do decide to go I will take my family since we all love cricket. As a taxi driver I know I will be busy around that time because of the many visitors and I am looking forward to that time.'

Shanna Khan, Clerk: 'I have not bought a ticket and I'm not sure if I will be going to the event. I also don't plan on profiting from the event when it comes here. I'm hoping that if I don't go it shows on the television. This will be less expensive.'

Mishana Cox, Student: 'I have not bought my ticket as yet because I have not collected the application form and I don't know which of the tickets I will be buying. I do however plan on going with my cousins since we are all fans of cricket. I am not planning on profiting from the event. It will be a good experience it being the first of its kind in Guyana'.

Nicola Berkley, Manager: I have not bought a ticket because I don't know if I will get the time to go to Cricket World Cup. I have not made any arrangements to go but I think I have time. Right now I have an internet café and I think I will make a profit there.

Abiola Roberts, recent University of Guyana Graduate: `I am not a cricket fan I just don't have the passion for the sport to make me want to go to the world cup. I do believe it's a good idea to have it here though and it will showcase Guyana. I don't have any immediate plans to capitalize on the event. My concern is whether we are truly prepared for an event of that magnitude.'

Pamela King, public servant: 'I have not bought a ticket for Cricket World Cup because I will be working. I am also not a cricket fan. My husband and other people watch and tell me what's going on and that's the only way I know what's happening.

My daughter will be going. I uplifted a form for vehicle transportation and a friend of mine asked me to uplift a form for accommodation.'