It's a GBTI VISA Classic Card
Stabroek News
December 1, 2006

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The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited (GBTI), the largest Guyanese-owned financial institution, launched its pre-paid GBTI VISA Classic Card last evening at its Recreational Centre on Kaieteur Road. The business community, ministers of government and civil society participated in the launching exercise in an atmosphere that showcased the Classic Card on every available space including a waterfalls display. In this Jules Gibson photo, GBTI Credit Director John Tracey (far right), displays the GBTI VISA Classic Card bearing the Kaieteur Falls logo as invitees look on. The GBTI VISA Card can be purchased for US$10 and be loaded to a maximum of US$5000 and a minimum of US$50. This card will be available from today and allows its users to shop online and to withdraw cash from ATMs overseas carrying the VISA Plus sign. GBTI is the only Guyanese-owned bank that offers this service.