Rohee challenges police force on domestic violence records
Stabroek News
November 25, 2006

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Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee has challenged the Guyana Police Force to include improved record keeping on domestic violence on its agenda and keep it there.

Since the force handles domestic violence reports in the thousands every year the Minister said how receptive the officer taking the report is could make a difference in the records they keep.

Rohee made these statements in his domestic violence day message. He noted, too, that it is not enough to legislate, adding that stakeholders need to be proactive in implementing solutions that focus on education, for behaviour change and strong sanctions against abusers in order to prevent these acts.

He said further that the problem of domestic violence requires a transformation in societal attitudes to both victims and abusers, to women's status, to build a coalition of the willing drawn from various sectors such the police, health services, judiciary and social support services acting at all levels.

He pointed out that in Guyana as in the rest of the world domestic violence is a `silent epidemic' being severely under-reported to the authorities. "Its victims suffer on many levels: health, housing, education, income - they lose the freedom to live their lives how they want and without fear", he added.