PNCR in 'serious' revamp
Stabroek News
November 25, 2006

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With support in party leader Robert Corbin reaffirmed, the main opposition PNCR is embarking on a programme of "serious reorganisation" in the run up to the local government polls, the party announced yesterday at a press conference.

After suffering its worst elections defeat at the August 28th general elections, the party decided at its General Council last week to design and implement a new and effective approach to its organisation for the future. Immediately, the party will begin preparing for local government elections, and aims to ensure that there is a new voters' list generated from a new national registration process, in keeping with the recommendations of the Commonwealth Observer Mission. Members of the party also backed a decision to engage in serious reorganisation to solidify its support base while trying to win new converts to the development of a modern Guyana. It will also be focusing in a major way on the economic empowerment of its support base.

The PNCR lost five seats at the recent elections and one of the criticisms of the party was the uncertainty it created in the minds of its supporters over whether it would participate in the elections, almost up until nomination day, a month before the polls. The choice of leader Corbin as the Presidential Candidate was also seen as a hindrance by some to the party's success.

The General Council reviewed the evaluation of the Election conducted by the Central Executive Committee to strengthen the party and improve its future performance.

In the pursuit of these objectives, members of the party have mandated the leadership to look at re-organisation from the very basic unit - the party group, including its youth arm. It will also look at accelerating the programme of shared governance; preparing for the local government elections; and vigorously representing and defending the interests of the people.

The General Council also mandated the party leadership to vigorously pursue with the elections commission the allocation of seats to the Parliament, including the case of the Justice For All Party led by C. N. Sharma. The PNCR has said its assessment of the elections result show that Sharma's party won a seat in Parliament.

In its weekly statement, the party said that at the recent general council Corbin examined several issues including, an analysis of the recent 2006 polls, the role of newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) and Regional Democratic Councillors, the vision of the party for the future and the proposed programme of the executive for the period ahead.

He emphasised that MPs and councillors have a special responsibility to lead by example. In this vein, he urged them not to assume that their new office is one of privilege without obligations and he outlined the duties that would be expected of them. These include keeping in touch with members who demonstrated confidence in the party during the elections; meeting with party members and the general public in the areas assigned so that they can be in touch with the concerns of the people and make the necessary representation; to be the catalyst for the party's reorganisation in their respective areas, and, to behave with the highest integrity and avoid any embarrassment to the party.