A reason to smile With Errol Tiwari
Stabroek News
November 19, 2006

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My intrinsic optimism that chess would rise again and be played with serious intensity and commitment in a structured format, has been reinforced.

During an informal conversation with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony, and Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Mr Robeson Benn - both chess players - I was assured of their honourable support in any dedicated effort to promote the game. Their verbal commitment towards headlining chess in Guyana brought a huge smile to my face and has presented a challenge for me to start the engines of the royal game, so that we, as a nation, can be catapulted headlong into the 21st century in this fine intellectual discipline.

Both ministers seem to favour a focus on scholastic chess. It is my belief also that this is the road we should travel. Chess in schools is the fundamental cornerstone upon which future interest and excitement in the game can be built.

Without the involvement of the schools, and without the younger generation taking a genuine and active role, we would ultimately be left with a mere handful of archaic dinosaurs of chess.

I am beginning to feel a soothing breeze of goodwill for the game. Mrs Nisa Walker, Owner/Manager of the Oasis Café in Carmichael Street, has been benevolent in offering the café as a beginners' venue for playing chess. Players are invited to play the game on Saturdays at the Oasis Café from 3 pm to 9.30 pm.

And Minister Benn, chess players would be pleased if you could locate your chess clock.