Government to engage donor countries on unfair hiring of trained teachers
- Minister Baksh
Kaieteur News
December 17, 2006

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Education Minister Shaik Baksh has said that Government will address the issue of unfair recruitment practices of teachers by other countries.

Baksh noted that teachers who have received government funding for training are required to serve their country.

Pre-service teachers are generally required to serve a minimum of five years after completing their training, and in the case of in-service teachers, three years.

Baksh said government intends to engage donor countries on the unfair recruitment of teachers in keeping with the Commonwealth Protocol on the Recruitment of Teachers.

Baksh was responding to a question posed by the Alliance for Change (AFC) in Parliament on December 14, about the government reaching an agreement with these countries not to hire teachers who are in the process of receiving training funded by government.

Many of Guyana 's trained teachers and nurses have been leaving for greener pastures over the years. (GINA)