‘A' Division ranks most pressured in 2006
— Division reports 5 percent decrease in crime compared to last year
Kaieteur News
December 16, 2006

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Ranks from the ‘A' Division within the Guyana Police Force were most pressured during 2006 since 60 per cent of the crime committed in the country occurred in this division.

The ‘A' Division encompasses areas from Long Creek to Sophia.

Assistant Commissioner of the Division, Paul Slowe, yesterday said that when the statistics for the corresponding period last year is evaluated, the results show that crime within the Division is down by 5 per cent.

Slowe was at the time addressing ranks at the Brickdam Police Station compound where the Division hosted its annual awards ceremony and Christmas luncheon.

Twenty four police officers were honoured at this year's awards.

According to Slowe, the holidays are a time when the force shows its appreciation to the ranks who have ‘toiled' throughout the year.

He pointed out that the force's administration is very grateful and thankful for sterling work which was done during this election year.

Delivering the feature address, Deputy Commissioner of Administration, Edward Wills told ranks that Christmas is a time for peace and good will.

“We hope that the ranks, who are working in ‘A' Division during this period of festivity, will be able to share that peace and good will with their families and friends without compromising the security of this nation,” Wills said.

He noted that the ranks in ‘A' Division have performed creditably this year.

“The year was very challenging…ranks were tested in all forms through criminal activities. ‘A' Division was no exception in this respect. The level of criminal activities that perpetrated in this particular Division was one which called for sleepless nights. But due to the level of commitment…we were able to gain success during this period of the year. For the first time in the history of Guyana we were able to have an election crime free or free of crime,” the Deputy Commissioner of Administration said.

‘A' Division, he added, can be called a ‘pressured division' because of its workload.

“From the force's administration, we want to sincerely thank the leadership of this Division for the sterling work they are doing and I urge them to continue in this respect and to continue for higher heights,” he added.

Wills pointed out that next year would also be a challenging year since there are a number of major events scheduled to be hosted in Guyana .

He noted that the Guyana Police Force would be responsible for the security of the Heads-of-State to visit Guyana next year for the Rio Summit.

“In terms of the CWC...there is a lot of planning that is going on at this time and from all indications, it seems clearly that we are ready to host the super eight matches,” he said.

The Joint Services, he stated, will be heavily pressed to secure the venues.

‘A' Division, Wills noted, will be called upon to work long and hard hours to ensure security.

“The administration of the Guyana Police Force will give all the support that we can to the leadership of ‘A' Division to ensure that the objectives of those major events are realised,” he stated.

Among the 24 ranks honoured yesterday were Corporal Houston, Constable Jameer, Sergeant Galloway, Corporal Cummings, Constable Cosbert, Constable Looknauth and Corporal Farley.

The rank, whose investigations led to the arrests of the persons accused of killing five Kaieteur News pressmen, was also honoured.

The award for Best Divisional Cop was given to Chief Inspector Sydney Charles.

Special awards were also given to the kitchen employees who provide meals for the ranks throughout the year.

Following the award ceremony, ranks were treated to lunch.

Among those present were Former Commissioners of Police, Floyd Mc Donald and Laurie Lewis.

The awards were sponsored by Laparkan, CLICO Insurance Company and National Hardware Limited.