GTU to develop website, expand technology base among members
Kaieteur News
December 11, 2006

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The Guyana Teachers' Union (GTU) is now making attempts to improve and expand communication among its members.

About six years ago, the union had commenced computer training among its membership. President of the GTU, Colwyn King believes that the time is now opportune for the union to improve its technological base.

With this in mind, the first in a series of technology expansion initiatives will be launched soon.

It will involve the creation of a website and the availability of internet access for teachers. It is felt that the creation of a website will enable greater, faster and more accurate communication with members, and also help to create transparency and better accountability of the work of the union.

The GTU also sees the introduction of the website as a means of helping it with its building of a better public understanding of its work and that of its members.

“The launching of the internet access for teachers will allow teachers to reach a wider array of sources from which they can prepare teaching materials and create interesting exercises and experiences for their students,” King noted.

In this regard, he expressed gratitude to the Guyana Youth for Future Technology (GYFT), a non-profit organisation that is registered in the State of Maryland , USA .

GYFT is the brainchild of some Guyanese and other students of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Its President is Guion Lucas, a final year engineering student.

Following a visit to Guyana earlier this year by some of its members, the GYFT is now working on the development of computer projects for communities in the South Georgetown ward.