18-year-old hangs self
Kaieteur News
December 6, 2006

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A second Berbician has committed suicide in less than one week.

Eighteen-year-old Wendy Christopher, of 58 Stanleytown, hanged herself from a rafter in her bedroom.

According to Wendy's mother, Rosaline Mc Donald, she was at home with Wendy and her-three-year-old granddaughter, Rodanna Christopher, when the incident occurred.

Mc Donald said her daughter received a telephone call. However, she pleaded with the teen not to remain on the phone for long as she was expecting a call.

She recalled seeing her daughter unpacking her clothing unto a bed after ending the call.

She did not enquire what her daughter was doing but returned to her duties in the kitchen.

A short while after, a friend of the teen went to the house, and McDonald called out to her daughter.

Since there was no response, McDonald

checked, and found the girl hanging from the ceiling and panting for breath.

The woman immediately summoned the male friend to assist her in taking the girl's body down.

However, by the time they had accomplished this, the girl was already dead.

The mother told Kaieteur News that she is unable to say what might have spurred the girl's action, since she appeared well up to the previous night, and the morning.

She said the girl, who worked as a security guard, had walked off her job after receiving her salary.

Last year, Wendy's brother had hanged himself from a tree not far from their home.