Bourda Market targeted for improvement
Kaieteur News
December 6, 2006

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Bourda Market in Central Georgetown will have its image improved, especially with respect to garbage collection and aesthetics.

Minister of Transport and Hydraulics Robeson Benn said focus will be placed on congestion, and garbage collection and disposal at the municipal market.

A visit will be made during this week by representatives of the Enhancement Committee set up by government to determine what needs to be done, and to solicit ideas and recommendations from vendors and shoppers.

In other works around the capital, levelling of road shoulders is underway in several areas, including Mandela Avenue and Queenstown, to accommodate improved drainage facilities; while four avenues are being upgraded. These works include raising the road surfaces above flood levels, improving the drainage, and levelling verges.

In addition, landscaping work is being done at the seawall, from Camp Street to Vlissengen Road , while the side drains are being cleared from Carifesta Avenue to the Kitty pump station.

Minister Benn said the Ministry of Public Works and Communications is currently reviewing the Seawall Development Plan that was previously drafted, to determine what aspects could be adapted and implemented.

Under the plan, lights were installed and basic landscaping was carried out from Camp Street to Vlissengen Road . It was scheduled to be undertaken in two phases at an estimated cost of $20M.

The second phase called for construction of a food court, washrooms, and seating accommodation.

Tree planting and the establishment of parking facilities are also catered for in the plan.

Government has taken over improvement of the City, as it was felt that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was not doing enough.

Earlier this year, the administration allocated $200M to accelerate the improvement works with focus on road upgrading. Fifty million of this sum catered for beautification and general enhancement.