City Council to replace Toolsie Persaud Mall with massive steel structure
other enhancement plans to get underway soon

Kaieteur News
November 26, 2006

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The Toolsie Persaud Mall on Water Street , Georgetown will be demolished to make way for a new mall as the City Council prepares for Cricket World Cup next year.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams told media representatives at a press conference on Friday that contractors will reinforce the foundation of the facility to accommodate a massive one-storey steel structure.

The individual stall sizes will also be converted to 10x10 booths.

Consequently, the facility will accommodate only about 100 stallholders, Williams said.

Some 400 stallholders were placed in the mall as the City Council sought to curb pavement vending.

However, checks at the facility had revealed that a mere 50 stallholders have been occupying the facility.

But several of those vendors have lamented the deplorable condition of the Mall and have repeatedly called on the Council to rehabilitate it.

Some of the complaints have included leaking roves and flooding of some sections, which ultimately led to mosquito infestation. The vendors had also stressed repeatedly that the appalling appearance of the facility is a deterrent to potential customers.

The current rehabilitation works come as part of the enhancement works planned for the city for CWC.

As such, the shopping mall is expected to be completed at least two months before the games, Williams assured.

On Friday, Council officials met with the stallholders to discuss the plans for the shopping facility and plans for relocation until the project is completed.

A substitute location is yet to be identified.

Additionally, plans are in place to transform the Stabroek Market facade.

Williams said inappropriate stalls and the clustered exterior environment will be addressed by December 15.

He stressed, too, that all vendors who sell will also be given an 18:00hrs curfew when the transformation process takes effect.

The enhancement plan for the city will also see the removal of derelict vehicles and other obstructions from roadways from as early as tomorrow, Williams informed.

He pointed out that any vehicle parked for more than seven days on Council property will also be removed.

As such, Williams said, owners will have to pay a fee if they are desirous of repossessing their property.

He, however, notes that Council will not tolerate owners replacing the obstruction at places from where they were removed, since legal action will be taken.

Several derelict buildings, which are considered potentially dangerous to the public, have also been identified for destruction.

Williams pointed out that those derelict buildings in close proximity to CWC accommodations will be among the first to be addressed.

According to Williams, Council is on the move with its enhancement plan for CWC, and a number of new developments will be implemented shortly. (Sharmain Grainger)