Ansa McAl launches ‘Easi-check precise' on World Diabetes Day

Kaieteur News
November 16, 2006

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Guyanese afflicted with diabetes will now be able to access a new and easy method to test their blood glucose level at an affordable price.

In observance of World Diabetes Day Tuesday, Ansa McAl launched a blood glucose monitoring system, “Easi-check precise.” Speaking at the launching ceremony at the Hotel Tower , Ansa McAl Brands Manager, Marco Kreuer said that “Easi-check” is a home diagnostic system developed according to the highest standards and latest technology in Germany by Pharmaco Industries Limited based in Trinidad and Tobago .

“We are proud to announce that it is the first system of a Caribbean-based company to get approval in Europe as well as the USA through US FDA.”

Kreuer said that the beverage company has been observing that the relatively high price of other machines for glucose monitoring alongside an inadequate supply of strips in many instances is a challenge for people living with diabetes in Guyana .

“With Easi-check we are thus aiming at improving the affordability and availability of a system that has the potential to improve the lives of many Guyanese who are affected by the disease,” Kreuer said.

Sales Manager at Pharmaco Industries, John Adamson, revealed that the product which utilises the most advanced bio-metric technology on the international markets is available in several First World and Caribbean countries. As such he notes that the partnership with Ansa McAl is intended to ensure that Guyanese can have an affordable price for a modern technology. Adamson said one of the advantages of the product is being able to acquire results in a matter of seconds from a relatively small sample of blood.

He said the product is easy to use and offers a storage capacity of up to 450 test results and has a computer port to foster diabetes management.

Woodlands Hospital internal medicine specialist, Dr Parmod Tembe stressed the importance of regularly checking glucose levels in diabetics.

He noted that, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), diabetes mellitus could become the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the near future.

WHO has also indicated that some 180 million people worldwide are affected with the disease and this figure is likely to double by 2030.

But every effort will be made by the Guyana Diabetic Association to educate the Guyanese public about the disease, according to Public Relations Officer Ms Glynis Alonzo-Beaton.

Pharmaco is receiving full support from the Diabetic Association in promoting the use of the product and, according to Alonzo-Beaton, over 100 persons have since benefited from free testing.

She noted that the Association will be playing a frontal role in helping people realise that they could live a healthy and normal life even after being diagnosed with diabetes.

The launching saw the attendance of officials from both private and public hospitals, pharmacies and other organisations.

Free Easi-check tests were provided.