Guyana must find jobs or lose UG graduates— Vice Chancellor

Kaieteur News
November 13, 2006

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Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr James Rose, says that if Government does not create adequate job opportunities for graduates of the institution, students will continue to migrate to areas where those jobs exist.

Addressing the 40 th convocation exercise of the institution on Saturday, Dr. Rose noted that it has become frustrating for students to qualify themselves at the University of Guyana only to find that after they leave, jobs are not available for them.

Describing this situation as waste of resources by the government, he noted that the students are ‘stifled' by the lack of opportunities available.

“If we don't utilise these resources some other nation will. Migration is as rampant as it ever was and society needs to guard against the waste of our resources.”

However, he charged the graduates to wherever possible use their newly acquired knowledge to enhance the country of their birth, noting that although Guyana is replete with natural resources, it needs its human resources to develop.

He described the more than 1,000 graduates as the potential architects of a better tomorrow for Guyana and added that they hold the key to development in their hands.

“Guyana expects a lot from you. As you return to society, reflect on what kind of enhanced contribution you could make to national life,” he said.

Commenting on the many challenges the nation faces, he charged the graduates to let their success inspire the transformation of the nation into one of decency, civility, law and order.

Noting that many challenges still exist at the institution, the Vice Chancellor said the graduating class is testimony to the hard work of the academic and support staff.

He lauded their dedication and said that they continue to provide exemplary service under difficult circumstances.

“The University of Guyana has numerous problems and challenges and it is only through the dedication of the staff and the tolerance and patience of the students that we are able to survive.”

Dr Rose pointed out that the local university is not unique in many of the difficulties which it faces since worldwide, such institutions are tasked with providing superb service in a globally challenging environment.

He however noted that the University of Guyana would need more funds to ascertain its role in the changing world and to improve its standard to enable it to become competitive at the regional and international levels.

The Vice Chancellor assured that every avenue is being explored to access additional funding to develop the functions of the institutions.

In this regard he noted that the contributions of the alumni of the university could be improved and called on the most recent batch to enlist in a campaign to make the campus a shining example and a beacon of knowledge for others to come.

Dr Rose also highlighted the fact that Guyana needs to come to grips with its cultural identify and see the effects of oneness.

He called on the graduating class to maintain and respect the nation's cultural heritage as they venture into their respective areas of work in society.

More than 1000 students in more than 40 disciplines comprised the 2006 graduating class which was conferred with their degrees, diplomas and certificates by Registrar Dr David Chanderbali.

The Guyana Police Force Band provided the musical accompaniment for the prestigious event.

Sharon Wilson was adjudged the top student of the 2006 class of graduates.

The young woman, from the faculty of Education and Humanities, was bestowed with the President's Medal for the best graduating Bachelor's Degree student by President Bharrat Jagdeo.

Bobina Ellias from the Faculty of Natural Sciences received the Chancellor Medal for second best graduating Bachelor's Degree student.

Darshanand Maraj copped the Prime Minister's Medal for best graduating student in the School of Medicine while Tanya Warren received the Pro-Chancellor's Medal for the best graduating law student at the University of Guyana.

The Prime Minister's Medal for the best graduating student with the degree in Public Management was won by Ramnarine Makardajh.