Senior Powerlifting championships
Moses smashes squat record twice, Morgan and Edwards also set new marks

Kaieteur News
December 7, 2006

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Power Lifting is certainly back on the rise in Guyana. This was the view of a number of patrons who converged at the Critchlow Labour College on Sunday last to witness the Guyana Amateur Power Lifting Federation (GAPLF) 2006 male and female senior championships.

They were certainly not disappointed as a number of records fell.

Overall male winner Mervin Moses campaigning in the 181 pound class, broke his squat record twice. Competing in the same division, Randolph Morgan set a new bench press record while John Edwards – lone lifter in the 275-pound category - erased his old squat record.

But it was the females who set the record-breaking pace for the men to follow.

Overall best lifter Dawn Barker of Upper Demerara Barbell Club (UDBC) with a bodyweight of 264 pounds, who became the first female locally to squat over 400 pounds at the Intermediate championships recently, squatted a total of 446 ¼ pounds, bench pressed (BP) 209 ¼ and had a dead lift (DL) of 380 ¼ for a total of 1035 ¼. She was also the only competitor in her division.

Bodybuilder, Kimberly Mars of Kingsrow Barbell Club (KBC) won the 165 weight class with a total of 749 ¼ ahead of Jennifer Mc Intyre (UDBC) who recorded BP 104 ½, DL 275 ½ and a squat of 214 ¾ for a total of 589 ½. Both athletes weighed in at 157 pounds.

Another UDBC athlete, Lynette Lewis was also a loner in the 123-pound class with a squat of 214 ¾, BP of 104 ½ and DL of 220 ¼.

Moses was in ripping form in the squats, first erasing his old mark of 633 ¾ set last year with 644 ¾ on his second attempt.

As if that was not enough, the Buddy's Gym member, familiarly referred to as ‘Sponge Bob' upped the tempo setting a fresh mark of 677 ¾ pounds. He also had a BP 341 ½ and a DL of 573 for a total of 1592 ¼.

Finishing as the runner up in this category was another record-setter, Morgan, with a new BP mark of 396 ¾. The old record of 352 ½ was set by Charles Henry at the 2002 championships held at Banks Sports Club. Morgan also had a DL of 584 and squat of 600 ¾ for a total of 1581 ½.

Edwards, upped the mark on his old squat record of 732 ¾ set in October 2002 at Banks Sports Club by 11 pounds for a new mark of 743 ¾. His total of 1890 pounds was completed with his 490 ½ BP and DL of 655 ¾.

Topping the 114-pound class was Ryan Solomon with a total of 815 ¾ (S 303, BP 159 ¾ & DL 352). Boodram Singh was runner-up with 754 (S 281; BP 148 ¾ & DL 325).

In the 148-lb category, Mohamed Rissin totaled 1101 ¾, S 435; BP 209 ¼ and DL 467 ¼, to take first place. The runner-up was Marcus Beete S 336, BP 198 ¼ and DL 440 ¾ for a total of 975.

Veteran Winston Stoby was the leader in the 165-lb class: S 551; BP 286 ½ and DL 595 for a total of 1432 ½. Bhojkumar Jagnarine and Ryan Williams finished behind the winner, in that order.

Charles Henry proved his worth as the leading athlete among the 198-ponders with a squat of 578 ½; DL 606 ¼ and a BP of 352 ½, totaling 1537 ¼. Karel Mars took the number two spot while Ray Harvey placed third.

Lancelot Baptiste who enjoyed an excellent day won the 220 lb class with a total of 1587 made up of a squat of 606 ¼, BP 325 and DL 655 ¾. He finished ahead of Farouk Abdool who tallied 1465 ½, squatting 584, BP 341 ½ and DL 540.

The 242-lb division went to Raulston Watson with a total of 1482 ¼ (S 551; BP 325 & DL 606 ¼). Dwayne Ferdinand and Jagdesh Bodhram finished second and third respectively.

President of the GAPLF John Edwards expressed gratitude to all the sponsors who contributed to the success of the championships and is looking forward to their continued support.

Among the judges was internationally renowned bodybuilder, Hugh Ross.