Agri-sector gears for CWC 2007
Kaieteur News
November 6, 2006

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Preparations are being made for the production of quality food in adequate supplies to satisfy the demand of the thousands of tourists expected in Guyana from March 27 to April 9, during the hosting of the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 games.

A forum for hoteliers, restaurateurs, farmers, agro processors, exporters and meat producers to discuss the necessary arrangements that must be made to address the need for agricultural produces, ended at the Hotel Tower on Friday.

The activity was organised by the Guyana Marketing Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture, Guyana Office for Investment (GO-INVEST) and CWC Local Organising Committee (CWC/LOC).

General Manger of GMC, Nizam Hassan, said the objective of the forum is to ensure that there is no market failure and that the demand is met for all types of agricultural produce.

He said that the forum also sought to ensure that the supplies are adequate so that prices remain stable and also to promote Guyana as a supplier of quality, fresh produce and processed products.

Producers were urged to ensure that appropriate post-harvest practices are adhered to at all times and that focus is placed on quality, appropriate packaging, handling and transportation. Hoteliers and restaurateurs were also advised to enter into simple contracts with the producers.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, it is essential that preparations are made and that pertinent information is given to producers in order that they make the necessary adjustments.

Food creates an impact on people and it is therefore important to ensure adequate supply of quality products. There is even a possibility that markets could be developed for Guyana 's products after CWC, depending on the quality produced during the event and the consumers' satisfaction, he added.

Producers were urged to focus on quality, taking into consideration sanitary and phyto-sanitary conditions which have now become a requirement in food production.

Minister Persaud pointed out that Guyana is the only country in the Caribbean that enjoys food security and preparations must be made for it to penetrate the $3B market for food that exists within the region.

He pledged government's support through GMC to assist in the production of quality products. If necessary, additional resources will be made available toward this end.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CWC/LOC, Karan Singh expressed satisfaction with the initiative to host the forum which fits into the wider programme of making Guyana ready for hosting the super eight games.

He noted that it is a historic occasion for Guyana since 35,000 visitors are expected to visit. He urged Guyanese to assist in ensuring there is adequate and comfortable accommodation.

Following the official ceremony, there were group discussions on the necessary plans to ensure adequate supply of food before and after CWC.