Don't stop Guyana oil search -- geologist urges By Linda Hutchinson-Jafar
Guyana Chronicle
December 21, 2006

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POLICE Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Roland Alleyne has lamented the irresponsible use of the roadways and non-adherence to the traffic laws by many drivers.

He said those are the main causes of accidents, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

“The Traffic Department is doing all it can to prevent accidents but the drivers out there are bent on not adhering to the laws,” Alleyne stated.

He said, he, personally, has seen drivers not observing the stop signs in the city, especially at Camp and Middle streets.

Alleyne said his department will maintain its programme to sensitise the public on the need to obey traffic regulations and prevent mishaps.

He added: “We will continue to enforce our laws and I am asking drivers to please have tolerance towards other drivers and observe the speed limit. Doing all of this will help save lives.”

Alleyne said he is pleased with the work of the recently dedicated Traffic Court, because, since it began functioning, there has been an increase in fines.

“I am pleased with its effectiveness,” he commented.

GINA said the government’s concerns about road accidents, often caused by dangerous driving, prompted Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee to press for the Traffic Court.

He remarked that, so far, the court has proven to be effective.

Rohee told GINA: “The court has done well since it was given a special magistrate and I hope that it will continue to prove to be effective to help prevent fatalities on our roadways.”

Meanwhile, GINA said, of the 165 road fatalities last year, 19 were children while, for the corresponding period this year, 20 children were among the 149 killed in road accidents.