Speed urges calm in region… as World Cup preparations get endorsement
Guyana Chronicle
December 2, 2006

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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis (CMC) – Malcolm Speed, chief executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC), has issued a word of calm to the region, urging people to avoid panic in the lead-up to next year’s Cricket World Cup.

He said the issues of facilities and stadia being “touch and go” were common during major world games.

“None of this is unusual and this is a very big event for the cricket world and the biggest event ever in the West Indies,” he told reporters at a media conference.

“There are things to do with 100 days to go and there will be things to do with 10 days to go. That’s how it works.

“There is no need to get bogged down with negatives. So far we have seen excellent preparations and I look forward to being back here in March when it all gets going.”

Cricket World Cup 2007’s board of directors also said yesterday they were satisfied with the preparations being done for next year’s event, but warned the region the task of preparing for the March 11 to April 28 spectacle was still a massive one.

Ken Gordon, chairman of the CWC, said that preparations could be ranked “eight out of ten”. He was speaking on the occasion of 100 days to go before the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup.

“We have 100 days to go, we are well on our way,” Gordon said. “It has been a long time coming and we plan to make every one count.

“We are confident with where we are. We however will not be complacent and believe we have it all ready. With events like this the final days are always the most crucial. Today it’s 100 days to go, tomorrow it’s 99. The region is getting ready.

“We are happy with the preparations and I would rate them at eight out of ten.”