Discoloured water due to alum shortage -- GWI
Guyana Chronicle
December 2, 2006

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GUYANA Water Incorporated (GWI) yesterday indicated that due to a delayed shipment of alum (Aluminum Sulphate), its Georgetown customers may be experiencing discoloured water.

In a statement, it noted that it utilises the chemical to remove small particles and colloids during the water treatment process.

The company said it has secured an alternative source of alum and is attempting to restore water produced by the Shelterbelt Treatment Plant to its normal state.

Further, GWI said it has been assured of the arrival of the shipment and is confident about the restored quality of water produced by the plant.

The water company apologised to all affected customers within Georgetown, as it continues to strive for excellence in the provision of potable water.

The company explained that the addition of alum to raw water causes small particles and colloids to cling together, forming heavier particles (floc) which will settle in water. This process is called coagulation or flocculation. GWI said these particles are then removed and discarded.