Rohee takes first hand look at mini-bus operations

Guyana Chronicle
November 30, 2006

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HOME Affairs Minister Clement Rohee yesterday led Police officers on an inspection of the major mini-bus parks in Georgetown and met public transport operators.

The mission was to get a first hand look and assess the extent to which the traffic situation would be compounded during the upcoming Christmas season.

Among others, the ministerial party went to the Route 42 (Georgetown/Timehri), Route 32 (Georgetown/Parika), Route 31 (Georgetown/West Bank), Route 43 (Georgetown/Linden) and Route 50 (Georgetown/Rosignol) parking places.

Mr. Rohee said his group needed to assess conditions at the various locations to determine whether any new and innovative measures should be taken to avoid congestion and accidents.

He acknowledged there has been an increase in the number of mini-buses in the city and said that has to be taken into consideration when trying to meet the increasing need for more public transport facilities.

Rohee said some degree of tolerance has to be exercised at this time of year to allow for the free flow of traffic and flexibility in parking to facilitate Christmas shoppers.

But he observed that drivers continue to park vehicles in an unregulated manner and said this has to be addressed.

Rohee exhorted mini-bus operators to be on the lookout for schoolchildren who will be using the roadways until classes are suspended for the holidays.

Officer-in-charge of Police A Division traffic, Superintendent Neil Semple assured that the number of traffic ranks on foot and mobile patrols will increase around the parks as the festive season becomes more hectic.

Route 43 mini-bus operators told Rohee they do not agree that Route 72 (Georgetown/Mahdia) mini-buses should be operating from Georgetown.

The complainants said when the Mahdia buses begin their journey from in the capital they take away passengers from Linden carriers.

The Route 43 drivers proposed that the Route 72 buses operate from Linden instead, charging the same fare.

Rohee promised to look into the matter.