911 up and running
-- Police

Guyana Chronicle
November 15, 2006

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THE Guyana Police Force yesterday announced that the 911 telephone service, through which the police can be reached in emergencies especially, is available in all policing divisions.

Depending on which telephone area code the call is made through, a specific Police Station/Operations Room will be accessed, the Force advised in a press release.

To sensitise the public on where callers will be connected when seeking police assistance through the 911 system, and to enhance the effectiveness of the system, the Force listed the following Stations/Operations Rooms that will be reached from the specified telephone area codes:


218, 223, 225, 226,
227, 231, 233, 261,
263, 265, 266

Brickdam Operations Room, Georgetown

326, 333
327 – Canje, New Amsterdam and East Bank Berbice
New Amsterdam Operations Room, Berbice
232, 328, 330
327- West Coast Berbice

Fort Wellington Police Station,
West Coast Berbice

322, 332, 336, 337

Whim Police Station, Corentyne, Berbice

335, 338, 339

Springlands Police Station.
Corentyne, Berbice

220, 222,

Beterverwagting Police Station,
East Coast Demerara (ECD)


Vigilance Police Station ECD

229,255,256, 259, 270

Cove & John Operations Room, ECD

221, 258

Mahaicony Police Station, ECD
254, 264, 268, 269, 276, 277
Leonora Operations Room, West Coast Demerara
260 Parika Police Station, East Bank Essequibo
267 Wales Police Station, West Bank Demerara
442, 444 Mackenzie Operations Room, Linden
445 Bartica Operations Room, Essequibo

Mabaruma Police Station, North West District

771 Anna Regina Operations Room, Essequibo

Suddie Police Station, Essequibo

The Police Force emphasised that all calls to 911 made through cell phones, from any part of the country, will access the police at Brickdam Operations Room, Georgetown.

Additionally, it said, members of the public can also contact the police in an emergency, through the Quick Response line 225-6411 at Police headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, which is being monitored continually by ranks.