HIV/AIDS sub-projects further boosted
- Total funding exceeds $121M; 17 more NGOs partner Health Ministry
Kaieteur News
March 7, 2006

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Seventeen more Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have joined partnership with the Ministry of Health for the implementation of various HIV/AIDS sub-projects throughout Guyana .

The organizations yesterday signed Memorandums of Understanding to this effect valued in excess of $68M.

This initiative is part of the Guyana HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Project (GAPCP) which is being funded through a $10M grant from the World Bank.

The 17 new NGOs join a batch of 11 organizations already funded by this project, bringing the total funding to more than $121M (US$605,638).

Civil Society Coordinator of the GAPCP, Asmita Chand, informed that this latest batch of entities were selected from a group of 45 which applied for funding through a public call for proposals issued by the Health Ministry in September last year.

GAPCP is a project managed by the Health Sector Development Unit in the Ministry of Health.

GAPCP took effect in May 2003 when an agreement was signed between the Government of Guyana and the World Bank. The project was officially launched in March of 2005.

Head of the Health Sector Development Unit, Dr. Frank Anthony said one of the main aims of the Health Ministry has been to collaborate with a number of partners to accelerate the response to HIV/AIDS in an effort to reach every Guyanese.

He explained that the project involves three main components; institutional capacity strengthening through monitoring and research, sharing of HIV/AIDS in Line Ministries and eligible entities, as well as scaling up the Ministry's prevention and treatment programme.

He said under component two, the intent is to work with all the ministries in Guyana .

Towards this end, the Health Ministry has already partnered with seven such entities.

He pointed out that partnership arrangements with non-governmental organizations are crucial if HIV/AIDS is to be combated since these agencies will be able to access persons in the far-flung regions of the country.

He also noted that the organizations chosen have special connections with vulnerable groups.

Dr Anthony explained that the 28 organisations funded by the GAPCP will facilitate interventions which will be implemented in all ten administrative regions of Guyana .

The various programmes will target Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Amerindians, Miners, at-risk youth, the armed forces, farmers, employers/workplaces and the general population.

A number of faith-based organizations will implement faith and culture-sensitive awareness programmes.

Meanwhile, hospital and home care, nutritional and psycho-social support will be provided to persons living with HIV/AIDS through a number of programmes.

Sub-projects will target areas such as the Essequibo Coast & Islands, Bartica/Upper Cuyuni & Mazaruni River, St. Cuthbert's Mission , Santa Mission, Sophia, Lethem, Annai, Sand Creek, Aishalton, Mahdia, Kurupung, Mathew's Ridge, Port Kaituma, Ayanganna, Timehri, Seweyo, Coomacka, Linden , Maburuma, Morawhanna, Benab, Pakaraimas, Makouria, Tacama, Ruimveldt, Cove & John, New Amsterdam, Albion, Georgetown and the West Coast of Demerara.

The organizations which signed on to the partnership are Youth Challenge Guyana, the Coomacka Church of Christ, the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU), Hope Foundation, Guyana Defence Force Credit Union, Guyana Rice Producers Association, New Stars Drama Group, Albion Chapel Library & Skills Training Centre, the Camal International Home, the Network of Guyanese Living with HIV/AIDS, Love and Faith World Outreach Ministries, Hope for All, Ruimveldt Children's Aid Centre, Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, the Guyana Red Cross Society, Hope Children's Home, and Sectional Youth Ministries.

The sub-projects will be implemented over a two-year period.