Police awaiting more advice George Bacchus murder PI

Stabroek News
August 4, 2004

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The preliminary inquiry (PI) into the murder of self-confessed death squad informant, George Bacchus failed to commence yesterday before Magistrate Bertlyn Reynolds because the police are awaiting more advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Magistrate Reynolds ad-journed the case to next Tuesday for the start of the PI after Assistant Superintendent Richard Lowe who is currently holding as prosecutor asked the magistrate for that date as the police were not ready for the PI to start. Lowe also informed the court that he was not sure who will be the prosecutor for the case.

After waiting for hours for the arrival of murder accused Debra 'Debbie' Douglas from Berbice, the case was further stalled for another 15 minutes when the magistrate asked Douglas if she was given any breakfast and she replied in the negative. Douglas' husband, Ashton King was then sent to get something for Douglas to eat.

Last Thursday, Fabian Jessop also known as 'Fabie', the man for whom an arrest warrant was issued in connection with the murder of Bacchus turned up in court escorted by his lawyer Vic Puran. Jessop, funeral parlour co-owner Douglas and Bacchus' handyman, Delon 'Fat Boy' Reynolds were all charged jointly with the murder of Bacchus.

Bacchus was shot dead in his Princes Street home on the morning of June 22 while he slept. His murder came about six months after the killing of his brother, Shafeek Bacchus.

On July 22, Douglas' husband, Ashton King was freed of the charge of murdering Shafeek Bacchus. George Bacchus was expected to testify in the preliminary inquiry into his brother's death but never got the chance.

Representing Douglas and Jessop is attorney Vic Puran while attorney Glenn Hanoman entered an appearance for Reynolds.