Get on with it
-PNCR tells death squad probe panel
Stabroek News
July 26, 2004

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The main opposition party is still skeptical of the death squad commission of inquiry but it is urging it to get on with its work.

"[We note] the slothful manner in which the issue of inquiry was and is being pursued," the PNCR said in a statement at its weekly press briefing on Thursday.

"This can hardly lead to confidence in a process which [President Bharrat] Jagdeo reluctantly initiated to `prove the innocence of his [home affairs] minister,'" the party added, alluding to the terms of reference which set out that the inquiry should determine if there is any credible evidence to establish the minister's involvement in organised killings.

The party pointed out that the process does not allow for the panel to determine if death squads do exist or to bring persons who may be associated with such groups to justice.

"The commissioners could best serve their own legitimate interest by getting on with the job as quickly as possible as well as ensuring that they create an environment that can enhance public confidence in them as a commission and as individuals," the party said.

On Tuesday, Justice of Appeal Ian Chang, who chairs the commission, said that the panel hopes to begin its work in a month. The Commission's rules of operation are to be publicised shortly.