IAC shocked at Berbice crime surge
-wants Police Commander moved
Stabroek News
July 24, 2004

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The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has expressed shock and outrage at the recent upsurge of crime in Berbice and called for the Police Commander of `B' Division to be replaced

An IAC release said during the upsurge Indo-Guyanese have been brutally assaulted, robbed of their belongings and terrorised. "The IAC is extremely disturbed with the apparent failure of the Guyana Police Force to apprehend the majority of the evil perpetrators of these dastardly criminal deeds. The acting Minister of Home Affairs should pay keen attention to this situation."

The body said it was concerned that the commander of that division, Ivelaw Whittaker was the subject of a barrage of criticism for his seeming indifference to the victims of the crime wave at `C' Division (East Coast Demerara) and the inability to apprehend criminal elements operating out of Buxton.

The organisation called upon the authorities and the Commissioner of Police to immediately replace the commander, "as residents have lost confidence in him" and for them to take speedy steps to curb the upsurge of crime by apprehending the vicious criminal elements and placing them before the courts.

In recent interviews with Stabroek News Whittaker has lamented the unwillingness of Berbicians to come forward and provide information in criminal investigations. He also recently expressed concern about the indifference shown to community policing groups and has said that steps will be taken to organise more of these groups.