Gardner and Bruney-Dutt are Mr and Miss Guyana By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
July 13, 2004

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Sylvan Gardner made a successful defence of his overall title when the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) staged its International Pharmaceutical Agency-sponsored (IPA), Universal Nutrition Senior National Championships at the National Cultural Centre on Sunday night.

Gardner of Power Plant Gym shared the spotlight with Kingsrow Barbell Club's Delia Bruney-Dutt who won the Miss Guyana title.

But it was the pose-down between Mr Guyana (Gardner) and Mr Musclemania Guyana's Hugh Ross which thrilled the packed cultural centre.

After going through his individual routine and several comparisons with his rivals, Gardner, who is the 2003 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) bantamweight gold medallist, was declared the overall winner for the second consecutive year. This year he came up against five other competitors.

Gardner won the overall title from Kingsrow Barbell Club's Bruce Whatley; Upper Demerara Barbell Club's Clint Duke; Fitness Paradise's Mike Morris; Upper Demerara's Adrian Amsterdam; and Interline Fitness' Olwayn Lynch.
Delia Bruney-Dutt

Gardner also won the lightweight category ahead of Fitness Paradise's Mike Morris and Errald Thorne.

Whatley was declared winner in the heavyweight category. Second was Lynch, while Berbice's Wilbur Force placed third.

Bruney-Dutt was crowned Miss Guyana ahead of her gym mates Shellon Yarde and Kimberley Mars. Bruney-Dutt was also adjudged the best female poser on show and the most improved female bodybuilder.

The other top three positions were occupied by Fionna Harris (Studio 2000), Karen Kellman (Power Plant) and Gail Russell respectively.

Studio 2000's Vanessa Adamson and Harris placed first and second respectively in the Miss Body Fitness competition while Kellman finished third and Arita Adams (Body Image) occupied the fourth spot.

In the male middleweight contest, Duke was adjudged the winner ahead of Amsterdam and Paul Nichols (Power Plant) respectively.

Duke was also adjudged the most improved male bodybuilder.

After the audience viewed a video recording of Ross going through one of his workouts, the United States-based body-builder was invited on stage to perform live in front of his home crowd and perform he did.

Ross took to the stage dressed in an African-jungle outfit accompanied by four females, much to the delight of the crowd and while his first presentation was brief, the audience loved it and called for him to make a re-appearance which he did soon after.

On his second appearance, and this was incited by the crowd, Ross took on two of the other competitors and out-posed them both. But when Gardner made his appearance the crowd went wild and urged him to strut his stuff.

The two went through their routine matching pose, muscles and ripples and the audience loved it.

In the end, Ross received a specially designed bodybuilding outfit, compliments of Sonia Noel.

Addressing the audience, Ross said the Mr Universe and the CAC championships might clash at the same weekend and while he would like to participate in both, if he has to make a decision he would prefer the Mr Universe. But he promised that whether at the CAC or the Mr Universe, he would keep the Golden Arrowhead flying high.

Ross thanked the audience for their support at the show and said it was a privilege for him to be selected to represent Guyana at the CAC contest in October here in Guyana. He said he was happy to see that bodybuilding was on the mainstream in Guyana and that prize money and prizes are more significant.

Ross told Stabroek Sport later that in his opinion Sunday night's show was an overwhelming success.

Ross said yesterday he had a forum with some of the competitors from Sunday night's contest and everyone spoke glowingly about their experience. He said he hoped the standard of local bodybuilding will continue to rise.

Ross said while here he trained with locals and was very impressed with the way they go about their workouts. "It's right where it's suppose to be. Some of them train even harder than I do, but the guys are lagging in nutritional counselling," Ross said adding, "they need to have an athletes' seminar that will deal primarily with nutrition and training to a lesser extent."

Ross who left Guyana this morning for the US, said he has another show to appear on come July 24 "but that's just to keep my body toned."

For his effort, Gardner received the key to a brand new Motor Scooter, compliments of Kainuo Motor Cycle City, his huge first place trophy and a voucher for a trip for two to the enchanting Baganara Island resort.

Bruney-Dutt received her first place trophy, a cheque for $20,000, a Caribbean Star Airlines ticket to Barbados, a selection of jewellery from King's Jewellery World and a supply of Universal supplements from IPA.

Adamson was rewarded with a trophy, a Universal Airlines ticket to Trinidad, $15,000 in cash, jewellery from Steve's Jewellery and Universal supplements from IPA.