Linden's top SSEE student kept focus and prayed a lot
Stabroek News
July 10, 2004

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Ten-year-old Abigail Charles Julien did not surprise her teachers or parents when she emerged the top student in Region Ten (Upper Demerara/ Berbice) at this year's SSEE with 542 marks.

The head teacher of the Watooka Primary School told Stabroek News that Julien has always been a hard worker throughout her primary school life and it was no surprise that she came out on top.

However the girl said she was surprised to learn that she had topped the region. "I felt very enthusiastic, excited when I got the news that I had topped the region. But I was very surprised. I really wanted to go to Queen's College so I was working towards that."

Julien noted that it was not always easy maintaining the top position and many times she felt overwhelmed with work but managed to keep her focus and prayed a lot.

She said that she had always approached her work with confidence, and credited her success to her parents who devoted special time to work with her at home.

According to her mother, Abigail never got below 2nd place. "I could remember one time she was taken aback when she got 2nd place and she worked her way back to 1st and held that position until the end of primary school." She also described her daughter as a natural leader and a very outgoing child.