Felix set to rid force of cops who damage its image
$4M in cash incentives for police this year
Stabroek News
July 8, 2004

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Members of the Guyana Police Force should work toward ridding the organisation of individuals who damage its image.

So said Commissioner of Police Winston Felix during his feature address at an Awards Ceremony held at the Officers' Mess Annex yesterday. The ceremony was part of the 165th anniversary celebrations of the force.

He warned that the police in executing their duties must be careful of what they do and noted comments made by a letter writer in a daily newspaper about a police patrol behaving in a certain manner. Felix said he would like to know who the policemen are so they can be dealt with accordingly.

"We should commit ourselves to getting rid of those intent on besmirching the police force and always be ready to do the job we are employed to do, nothing more is asked of us."

He said he would be much happier if he did not have to deal with indiscipline and crime committed by members of the force, which, "keeps us all back and does nothing good for the force."

Felix reiterated, "We do our best to protect citizens, by looking at every possible area where crime may arise and being pro-active in using the proper methods to stop the perpetration of crime." He also urged the awardees to use their awards as an example to other members of the force.

The commissioner noted that the range of awards distributed has been expanded since the early 90's, and said the awards are for hard work done.

He said there have been several instances of success and gave the recent example of West Ruimveldt where criminal elements were held in hostile circumstances and stolen items were recovered.

The police should operate as a form of social control, he said, "control of the behaviour of those intent on breaking the law." That is why the police are given powers to arrest with or without warrants. They are to protect citizens from those who want to disturb the social order. All should benefit from policing, the top cop stated. Felix noted that though the police have performed well they should seek to raise their level of performance from good to excellent, aiming for higher ground and a level of goodness above that.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Edward Wills in his welcoming remarks noted that over $73M was given out in awards since such presentations were introduced in 1990. This year over $4M would be awarded to some 988 policemen and women as cash incentives. Other awards included 13 certificates to community policing groups (CPGs); 37 certificates to CPG members; high commendations to four outstanding policemen; and 43 commendations to policemen.