Bottles pelted into George Bacchus yard
Stabroek News
July 8, 2004

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A relative of Jean Bacchus points to some of the pieces of broken bottles early yesterday morning. (Ken Moore photo)

A person or persons unknown early Tuesday night pelted a number of bottles into the yard where the murdered self-confessed death squad informant George Bacchus once lived.

A relative of Bacchus' sister-in-law Jean said that it was around 10 pm when he heard the first bottle landing against a wall and he immediately investigated but saw no one.

The yard has two houses, a small two-storey one in front and the four-storey building in which Bacchus and his brother Shafeek who was murdered on January 5 lived, along with other relatives.

It was the house at the back that was targeted by the person(s) and about six bottles were pelted into the yard but nothing was damaged.

"They want trouble, deh come to the right place. I don't know why people want to pelt bottle in this yard, but we ent really frighten, we ent frighten at all," a woman said yesterday when this newspaper visited the home.

Broken bottles were seen scattered in the yard and a relative said that the matter has since been reported to the East La Penitence Police Station.

The relative noted that only Jean Bacchus' mother and two of her grandsons are at home along with two handymen and he said he is fearful that whoever pelted the bottles into the yard might try something more serious later.

The relatives could not say who would want to target the home of the family since according to them they have not done anyone anything.

Tuesday night's incident comes in the wake of the June 24 murder of George Bacchus as he was lying in his bed. Three persons have since been charge with the murder.